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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  December 12, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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morning. i'm lisa robinson. >> i'm deborah weiner. our top stories in a moment. first a look outside with sandra shaw. >> and we saw that nice sun ridesing over the city. it really is, but not quite warm yet. we're going to see 42 at best. current readings right at 30 degrees. 31 in annapolis. 38 generally on the eastern shore, but the windchill not an issue today because the winds are light out there. plenty of sun throughout. 38-43. tonight it gets interesting. things thicken up with cloud coffer and overnight the potential for a little freezing rain and mixed with wet snow to develop. don't expect any accumulation because it's emerging from the south. milder air is incoming. details and your seven-day forecast in a bit. back to you two.
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>> thank you sandra. the department of public works crews spent the night working to repair a water main break. >> it happened in lutherville. it sent water flying into the sky. we're told it has been fixed. >> crews have been out here all night, and they will still work around the clock until watermain is fixed. they actually have to go under a -- it's going to cause big problems in the resident for this area over the weekend. >> into the evening and i heard the helicopters. an i looked out the window and saw the geyser, an looked like yellowstone national park. >> like a waterfall. kind of. yeah. >> lights everywhere and it was like a geyser. >> that's what neighbors on the 300 block of sem narrow avenue in lutherville saw coming out of the road. a 12-inch water main burst
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sending water shooting in the air and leaveing a gaping hole. the department of public works were on the scene to figure out what caused it. >> most likely the typical situation where the ground is freezing, thawing, shifting. pipes moving a little bit. every time the ground shifts, decade after decade. until ultimately, it will nap. >> it cut off the neighbors from water for days. >> i have bottled water. >> neighborhood kids aren't worried about the practicality. they enjoyed looking at the skeptical. saying it looked like a water park. >> if it were summer, it would be fun. >> and it might be routine for these workers but the people of lutherville say this is one day
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they'll never forget. >> i've never seen anything like this before. i mean, it was huge! >> officials aren't sure how long it would take to fish. in lutherville, kim basey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and again, that watermain has been fixed and the road re-opened. >> city police are investigating the 4700 block of liberty heights after where a man was found shot in the chest. no word on his condition and the suspect still on the loose. >> and the conviction of sheila dixon, yesterday her attorney filed a motion for a new trial. lit wipe out the guilty verdict handed down just days ago. jayne miller has the story. >> in a motion filed this
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afternoon sheila dixon's lawyers argued the mayor may not be entitled to a perfect trial but a fair one and not what have -- her lawyers now argue the decision was taint bid what some jurors did or failed to disclose. juror numberics, they say she herself had been charged with theft within the past five years. that case against her was then prosecuted. five jurors formed their own caucus and communicated via facebook. they had a note from jurors asking for new time to deliberate and suggests they had been exposed to outside information. and juror three, a shopping spree in 2006 which won her $324 in groceries. the event was sponsoredrd by the city and sponsored then
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county critical person sheila dixon. jurors were asked if they ever received a gift basket from the city and was concerned that tyler's behavior was erratic for the judge to -- the lawyers also citeed the decision to leave ron out of the case left her hopelessly confused. theyal instructed the jurors to avoid some things but jurors were having a tough time to remember what to forget. >> and a hearing on this motion is scheduled for january 6. it is possible some jurors will be called to testify. i'm jayne miller. wbal-tv 11 news. >> and the advocacy group acorn, the federal judge moved the cut off funding from them was inexcused.
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so acorn claimed in its lawsuit that the congress' decision targeted -- including giving tax advice to a man and woman posing as a pimp and prostitute. one of the officers was here in baltimore. >> the family of a truck driver killed on the bay bridge amended their multi-million dollar lawsuit. it now names maryland and the state transportation authority. the family of john shorts sr. clasmse bridge barriers could have been maintained better to prevent the truck from going into the bay and the bridge is inherently dangerous and has led to other and named 19-year-old driver who caused the crash. >> city gave leaders a real-life perspective on city
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crime joining the patrols for a community ride along saying this is an exlent chance for residents to see just how they can help fight crime in their own areas. >> it helps us to engage the community more and more every day so they can go back and say look, we're here as, the paws i think we can become the real patrolers of our community. >> and linebacker terrell suggs is finding himself dodgelinging some very serious allegations. the lawn was in court where a judge extended a protective order filed by the mother of his children. 11 news aye team reporter was in court for a hearing. >> are you satisfied with the terms so far? >> 26-year-old candice williams will get $35,000 a month from her former fiance, ravens
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linebacker terrell suggs efment the money will be used to support herself and the couple's two children. the children will live with ms. williams at an undisclosed location. starting this weekend mr. suggs will be allowed to visit every two weekends. >> and the terms of part of a consent agreement by no means which is an admission this new order will be in effect until december 11, 2010. ms. williams. met suggs in a strip club. she's a former dancer turned full time homemaker. she is now suing suggs for $7 million and the custody of her two children. in court papers she alleges in november suggs hit her in the chest and knocked her to the ground and with one hand on her
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neck he opened a bottle of bleach and said i'm going to drown you with this bleach and claims a cousin witnessed the event and bleach spilled on her and one of the children. they couldn't substantiate the claim that a child was hurt. >> that was why there was no problem resumeing the relationship with his children. >> ms. williams alleges other abuses. the document asks for past injuries and the dates. she could not provide dates or list details on a tchr 70 million lawsuit that was filed. less than three weeks after this november 29 incident allegedly occurreded. >> a civil court date has not been set. suggs has not been charged with a crime and flees no record of 911 calls coming from suggs home. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> and ooh programming note. our guest tomorrow morning, our guest will joan us -- again, sunday questions at wbal-tv >> and speaking of answers, right? we'll have answers. the maryland lottery is here with answers. hottest gift of the year. >> and definite cold december weather on this saturday. tomorrow the rain comes in, maybe even a little wintry mix. ( piano music playing )
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>> hope you're doing well on this saturday. nice sunshine takeover waters of the inner harbor. 31 at the airport. so a little cooler there.
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winds light and out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour so we can say goodbye to all this blustery discussion from yesterday. making it more bearable outside. taking a look across the state. most areas are basically below freezing still. 31 at the airport and 28 at eastern but it's a true 28 because we're not really contending with the stwroingeds. and we're going to see more sun and a shying of 32 in the upper elevations. here we're going to top out at 4 the really not a bad december 12, for you. and as you take a look even milder 30 shut -- and looks like we're going to be cloudy early on. >> because the temperature rate, 22 degrees 33 degrees. but the winds are out of the south. bubbling up with the pressure
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of -- going to generate the rainfall. so this could be a short-lived event or we could see major accumulation. issue often order. in the 40's and tonight wintry mix possible. the bay is not going to be a problem. south westerly winds at 5-10 knots. the high set back in 1979, and 10 set back in 1988 on this december 12. slowly drifting off into the atlantic, i'll assist you bubbling up that but because of the timetable overnight tonight, the brief winter elements after midnight turning mostly to rain tomorrow, so we're going to see milder air by monday. so we could transition tomorrow and and then -- zphrl suddenly? ravens taking to be lyons.
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a must-win. and 1:00 kickoff looks like might be a little bit messy out there. seven-day forecast shows after the rain event on sunday, on monday up to 50 and partly cloudy. tuesday looking at another system that's going to get through here, so 62 early on then much colder air with a high on wednesday of 35 and remaineder in the 30's with but -- looking glorious throughout the holiday season. >> i will find out and report back. >> highly-anticipated princess bug. max is coming up next with her rufse and dr. hammond is here to answer your pet questions. you can send us your questions at pet
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>> welcome back, well, you can make gift-giving rellys with the help of the maryland lottery. you have just gone all out. >> i have a lot of nice things. are you going to ask me about my beautiful outfit first? >> it's not a blanket. >> i'm wearing it because everyone knows the economy is not so good. people do not have a lot of time and money to spend. >> right. >> so i'm going to propose we chill out, get in our snuggies and spend less. how do we do that? have a snuggy. we put together great gift ideas, inexpensive fun. people enjoy them at home. >> ooh ahh spa basket.
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local wines and artists and put on your slippers and relax at home. >> all right. >> you can do it very inexpensively. >> the maryland lottery, of course scratchoffs, 1-20 with great wintry holiday themes and you can go to any of our 4,000 steams, but multi "maxim" thunderstorm watch -- and you can make fabulous trees, wreaths, go to and clip on holiday happenings. >> if i do this tree aren't i destroying the scratchoff? >> win $100 and share it with me. and show everybody. >> ok. >> you'll be seen. >> you can get a movie. fofffoffpofe -- speaking of
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fun, raising cash fantasy. so you get a basket put together. some candy and snacks and maybe a gift card for wings or pizza and our ravens fantasy scratchoff. $5. 80% sold. plus you'll have a great thing like season tickets for life. >> are you saying 80% sold? >> yes. chances are greater. that means there's only 20% that won't get this. >> cooking, you put this together in a 3w56k9 and do an i talent can and if you gather it in a colander, people love it. >> that's cute. >> yes. easy and inexpensive. md check it out and have fun. >> this is not like ridiculous
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but cute. >> all right. >> think dogs like that? >> i think they love it. >> yeah. >> and we want to play, who? >> mega millions. 118 for the next one, tuesday. >> have a happy holiday. >> you too. >> and dr. will have answers to your pet questions but first a look at the events going on around town.
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>> and a bit of a party here. >> yes. >> it is christmas, hanukkah and we're so excited about what you have to give our little pets. 12k34r some beautiful things and this year everybody's out of work and really it's about the christmas season and what it means and not necessarily about gift giving but about reenforcing love and things. >> absolutely. and for fun, and i mean, how can you not have fun when you have a huge spirit of fall. >> these are hysterical. >> this is what i want to get my cat. by the way. >> funny. this is great.
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>> what does a dog do with it? they are the coolest things in the world. they are bigger for horses. >> this is the most comfortable little house. >> and look at the one next to you. these are collapsible houses by new york dogs. and they are just stylish and affordable. >> and very comfortable for your pet. plush lining. >> and this is hysterical, fake furs and perfect hideaways for your cat or dog. >> especially the bag. the cat will always go into the bag. >> and they are reverseible and washable and come in all sorts of little things like that. i have little poodle and i carry this around wherever and -- >> well you're a little pampering but you're a vet.
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>> i put this on a chair and my dog hops on it. >> you can get it all at fall's room? >> yes. >> and these aren't too bad. hanukkah stuff. >> little i don't mean kay. and i don't mean kay. and yeah. >> kosher. >> yes. >> ok. so we have some questions so my dog has a dime-sized thing on her head and she licks it occasionally but should i have it taken off or wait and see if it continues to grow. >> what would you do if it was on you? if you had a dime-sized growth on you, you would take it off. and you cannot look at it and say it's cancerous or not. so take care of it. >> my golden retriever previously didn't have problems with his age glands but now they are needed to be --
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>> i actually recommend if it's happening every month, take them out. if they start to get inflamed, simple to take them out. like a small incision and then you don't have to worry about it. >> and the recovery time? >> easy. >> more toys, we have more time. what is your top recommendation if you just want to get something small? >> my top recommendation for christmas is a story by truman capote called christmas memories. >> it was tpwhrin 1956 and published in "vanity fair." it's a story about him. >> and it has a dog. sounds interesting. so thank you with your welcomed knowledge. >> happy holidays. >> more for you coming up.
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>> and welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. thanks for joining us. top stories in a moment. but first a look outside with sandra. >> i might want to curl up in one of those little pet houses. >> they look cozy. >> just above freezing in many places.
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downtown it tends to be a bit warmer. it is 34, above the freezing point. downtown. 31 at the airport and 28 on the eastern shore. windchill not a major factor because we're only dealing with light winds. 5-10 miles an hour. beautiful sunshine 48-43 the forecasted high. after tonight a wintry mix developing. an costumelation with that and how long will it last? i'll break that down in a bit. back to you. >> governor mark sanford remains in the governor's mansion with family members -- family members will not. >> the bottom line is this -- i've been unfaithful to my wife. >> and that's the reason his wife of 20 years says she filed for divorce. she stays decision came after several attempts to reconcile with the governor. you may remember in june the governor admitted to having an affair with a woman in
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argentina. >> tiger woods says he's quitting for now and for the first time he used the word infidelity and comes out after another alleged mistress came forward claiming a year and a half with the golfer. details on tiger's troubles. >> a shocking twist in the tiger woods saga came late friday and it was announced he was taking a temporary high ate us the from golf apologizing to fans, sponsors and like the rest of his recent statements it was posted on his website. even though he's not talking everyone else is. one woman alleges she got a 1 1/2 year relationship. >> i got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart. >> jamie grubs offering her story on extra. >> and when we were together he did make me feel like i was the only girl, so go back and see, especially now when there's more and more.
9:32 am
>> it's really hard. 12k34r more and more women do seem to be coming forward with tales of a tryst with the superstar but the two people we vice president heard from, woods and his wife, elan nordegren. they remain hold up in their orlando area mansion. her mother who was rushed to the hospital now back at her side. her father, a famous radio journalist in sweden has made the family's only comment. saying on his show for now i feel my main job is to support my daughter and grandkids. nordegren's parents divorced when she was 6. but while she remains silent it seems now sponsors are forging support. nike and another saying they look forward to his return. >> this weekend the movies worth the price of admission. max will have her reviews ahead. >> and 75% of women get yeast infections, our doctor has more on what causes them and how
9:33 am
they are treated. >> and an issue with the rain. details in you
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>> nice sun's up. 31 degrees at the airport. 34 downtown at the inner harbor and winds are light this morning out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour. kind of nice to get rid of all the blustery conditions we were contended with. here's a look statewide and temperatures most locations are below the freezing threshold. downtown sitting right at freezing in york, pennsylvania. a as you cross the state line. on the eastern shore sun's out there. we will see the temperature rise as the day progresses, still at best low 40's is what we're shooting for in baltimore. low 30's in the upper elevations and mountains of
9:36 am
western maryland but yesterday they were getting some of that lake-effect snow action there. 43 our high with light winds going on. as we head into the later afternoon hours, clouds will be thickening and it will be a mostly cloudy night. 44 degrees for the lower eastern shore and ocean city. need to get out on the boat for some reason, calm to be bay. winds southwest at 5-10 knots and waves rather unimpressive. night's forecast, a slight chance of seeing rain mixed with sleelt. our classic mid-atlantic wintry mix setting up that, and once day breaks at about 7:18 when the sun rises tomorrow morning it will just turn to rain. 23 overnight tonight. 71 your record high for this december 12 set back in 1979. in contrast only 10 degrees the record low in 1988.
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here's what we're dealing with at the surface this morning. a nice dome of high pressure. it's kept the air in place and protected us from the colder air and once our winds shift to the south and the low starts to trek up to the mid-atlantic we'll see mild conditions through tomorrow. that's why we're not dealing with the wintry mix throughout the entire day etomorrow. brief winter elements as it tracks our direction. then mostly rain throughout tomorrow. temperature tomorrow 37-43 making for a damp ravens day and probably wet ravens game as well. kickoff is at 1:00. silver lining, the winter part of this thing will be threw by game time. a mixed bag weekend. beautiful monday with a high of 50 degrees, above normal. partly cloudy skies. showers throughout the day on
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tuesday with a high of 52 then we plunge right back down into the arctic air mass, 35 and wednesday we keep it in the upper 30's until the end of next week. well, it is a fact. most women will have at least one yeast infection in their lifetime, and even though it's common we all know it can be embarrassing to talk about. so how do you get it and treat it? >> i do want to talk about it and help other women, because they may be afraid to talk to their doctor. >> 40-year-old kelly is talking about yeast infections. this is what it looks like under a microscope. it's a problem and playground her much of her life. >> the problem started when i was in my teens when i started menstruating and it wasn't as severe as it is now. >> and at mercy medical center
9:39 am
they say yeast infections might be erassg to talk about but 75% of women get them regardless of age. >> that's why some of the treatments are over the counter. it's just so common, like a headache. >> and besides takeover countercreams and prescriptions for return infections there are other treatments women may not be aware of. >> one of them involved putting in a medicated fluid in the vagina and letting that literally sit there for a while in the office. another involves painting the outside of a vagina with a purple solution that helps with the outer itching. 12k3w4 the doctor says if you're diabetic you're especially prone to yeast infections and also taking antibiotics, hormonal differences and birth control and the doctor says vamnal irritation do you want always mean a yeast infection. >> if anyone ever want wondered
9:40 am
what's the doctor doing? she's looking under the microscope for yeast. yeast looks like little branches. on a tree. >> donna hamilton, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and joining us now with more information is dr. emerson julian. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> so what can we do to prevent this. is there a dietary regimen? we always hear about yogurt. >> well, dietaryy hasn't proven to be beneficial. >> really? >> it's a common belief that if you eat yogurt products that, will help, but there are just as many studies that say it won't help reason, the doctor will always say -- well you often hear make sure you take some yogurt with your
9:41 am
antibiotics and you say -- >> may not. >> well, what do we have as a cause for yeast infections in general? >> well, there are many different causes. one of the causes can be personal deodorant, anything that's irritating and changes the environment of the vagina. >> ok. >> in the gentleman vagina there are certain bacteria that actually make peroxide so the vagina has an as crid environment. anything that al terse that can lead to yeast infections. >> and what about all these drugstore remedies? the commercials are almost endless not only for treatment but diagnosis. where are you on this? >> well, the normal ph in a vagina is supposed to be 4 to 4 .5 so some of these things in the drug score characterize
9:42 am
themselves on that. if ph is above 4.5, then it's not yeast infection. >> mm-hmm. >> if it's 4.5 ordinary person even below, that's symbolic of -- they are not necessarily measuring the right level or getting the number right or what's the issue here? >> there is no issue. it's just that the kits -- what i'm trying to say is the kits are used to differentiate whether it's yeast infection, vaginal trick nose sits or -- >> everyone is looking to reduce their health care cost so if they find a situation where they can go to the drugstore, you say -- >> i'm a little leary about that. vaginal infection is hard enough to diagnosis correctly in the office. during the my cross can a i or
9:43 am
doing whatever the doctor does to make the diagnosis so but to say i've had this before several times so i'll stick some medicine in and that should take care of it. >> lisa wants to know. stand by for this. tell me about it. if men get yeast infections? and you say -- >> yes, they do. but it's been a different format than women. men will get irritation of the skin. >> she seems happy. the yelling you hear is lisa. >> ok. >> i think we got through this acceptingment well. >> yes. >> doctor, thank you. if you have any other questions or would like a referral call, 1-800-md murphy. all right. >> all right. >> all right. thinking about a movie this weekend? max is coming up with her
9:44 am
reviews. but first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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[ holiday music playing ] don't let those long holiday lines bury you. grab a delicious new dunkin' donuts peppermint mocha latte and chocolate mint donut today. great flavors, great value -- just another reason the holidays run on dunkin'. try the new peppermint mocha latte and chocolate mint donut today. >> welcome back. time to take a look at what's in theaters this weekend and max is here with her reviews. good morning. >> hi. >> so what should we do? the first movie we've got, invick tives, morgan freeman as nelson mandela. thank depoons they made a movie
9:47 am
about nelson mandela directed by clint eastwood and matt damon is also in it so it's got a great pedigree. >> i wanted to like it more than i did. it's a film that's so well -intended and well-made, the production is fantastic. but i just found it a little dull. it's about how when mandela first came into office he focused to be national rug by team thinking it might inspire the country because at that point only the white citizens were fans of the team but mandela had a vision that if the team could be great the whole country could come together. he managed to inspire the team to greatness but there's a few problems. one is the mandela character seems almost saint-like that he's not so interesting a character and matt damon is the captain of the rug by team,
9:48 am
he's a solid citizen and we need spice and character but do you know the rules of rug by? i don't know them so i was lost. do you want to be cheevering during the sports scene? you're, like, did they just score? so as a piece of history i think it's interesting. as an example of the leadership of nelson mandela, i think it's compelling. but as entertaining, 2 1/2 stars is all i can give. >> so let's move on to the princess and the frog. >> first of all, news flash. this is old-fashioned animation, so you don't need your 3-d glasses, no cgi. it's what we grew up with. the kids are, like, what's that? that's how it used to look, kids. disney is going back to their roots with that.
9:49 am
and as you can see with what's great about the film is the hairoen is an african-american, the first time disney has done this. their princess character be an african-american. that's great and the film takes place in new orleans. she aspires to own her own restaurant. >> and then a print comes to town and a voodoo drsm -- she kisses the frog and instead of the frog turning into a prince she turns into the frog and the two frogs go on an adventure in the bye yew. bayou. that kind of cajun music. it's a lot of fun. you'll be singing along. your kids will love it and you'll love it. is it at the level of the best of the disney animated films? no. it's a knock below. didn't have that incredible inspiration but three stars
9:50 am
and i am recommending it. >> does it play to both the adults and the children? >> yes. i think this one plays a little more to the children, old-fashioned straight forward animation but i think the adults will enjoy the music and how much fun the kids are having. >> to read all reviews at baltimore coming up, how to make your poinsettias last throughout your, keep the streak alive. that story straight ahead.
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>> obviously the ravens have not played their best football of late, but their schedule the rest of the way. favorable. baltimore has not lost to a team with a sub-.500 record in a while. and calvin johnson will make you look silly. 6'5" wide receiver may have more of a physical gift than any pass catcher in the nfl. when asked about the lyons quarterback, to judge him a little bit and give advice, he offered two words. calvin johnson. >> anytime you have that type of presence, it makes you a better football player. their record shows one thing, but this is a very capable team, you go back and watch film. >> heisman trophy presentation tonight, colt mccoy going for
9:54 am
the heisman trophy. well, it will be a good night. in baltimore on friday, mccoy, the throurning quarterback awarded with the johnny yoo knights award and joints peyton green and carson palm -- peyton manning and carson palmer. >> it means so much. arguably the greatest ever. he established so much. and it kind of sets the standard for quarterbacks to follow, even a guy like me with so many years behind can turn on espn classic and watch him. it's very special. >> colt mccoy linked with the greatest colt ever, johnny yoo knights. pretty darn cool. >> army-navy. and our correspondent working live, join him online at
9:55 am i'm pete gilbert. see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> what do you think weaver talking about? hmm. poinsettias. joining us from bell nursery, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> this room has never looked so beautiful. >> a little bit of collar goes a long way. >> this is national poinsettia day. >> they were brought to america from mexico and obviously it's become the equipped century shall christmas flower. everybody has them at their or poinsettia. your call. >> i don't know. but they are fabulous. >> you want to try to keep it away from heaters and water it once a week. make sure it's not sitting in
9:56 am
water. drain the water out of them. other than that, water once a week. >> what about taking the dead flowers off? >> if you see a branch or leaf or flower, you don't want it showing, yank it off. >> and you were saying in terms of the economy, a lot of the tobacco farmers who needed to make a transition. they became poinsettia farmers here oral but they turned out for this time of year they are transitioning into growing pansies for us for the spranged most of these were glone greenhouses in delaware. >> and you have or kids that can be used as a holiday flower. i said i love or kids but they seem so difficult. you said -- >> they are quite easy and the ones we're selling are called
9:57 am
just add ice or kids. you put three ice cubes a week and that's all you need. most people overwater them and kill them that way. >> that is a truly tropical flower. they start tort brown, clip them just above here. >> ok. >> just so they can -- and they will bloom for months if you keep them happy. >> bell nursery supplies just to home depot in the area. >> yes. >> just like me are the or kids,en misunderstand. and thankfully you have them inside. sun eats out today. a little bit of a wintry mix amp tonight then turning to just rain throughout your sunday. enjoy the sun today. 50 on monday and partly cloudy. so we can look forward to that.
9:58 am
>> thank you and thank you bell nursery. >> have a great day.
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